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Travel Agents
The hotel offers 10% commission to genuine Travel Agents only.
A genuine Travel Agent must have an recognised website and an e-mail address, associated to the recognised website.
Eg Website: Email:
To receive 10% commission the Travel Agent will be required to collect the Total Cost of the Booking from your Client.
The Travel Agent will then be required to pay Stow Lodge Hotel the Total Cost of the Booking, less 10% Commission, at least 14 days prior to the clients arrival date. This amount will be confirmed on the Invoice.
How to make an Enquiry & Booking
Complete the Enquiry Form using the link on this page.
PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE A BOOKING FORM - A Booking Form will be treated as an Enquiry Form if an Enquiry Form has not been previously completed for your Client.
We will respond by e-mail with an attached quote in PDF format. The attached quote will show, what we have available, prices and the commission we offer.
At the Enquiry stage, no accommodation will be held.
Complete the Booking Form using the link on this page, or the link on the email, you received from us.
When you complete the Booking Form, you will need to enter the 'ENQUIRY REFERENCE', for the accommodation you would like to accept. There may be several quotes, even if it is only one bedroom required as we may have more than one option.
On receiving the Booking Form, we will provisionally reserve the accommodation for you as long as it is still available.
In the event the accommodation offered is no longer available, we will send an email with an attached quote, offering the nearest alternative.
We will provisionally reserve this alternative accommodation, and any accommodation requested that we do have available, for 48 hours.
If this alternative accommodation is acceptable, then you will need to reply to the email with ACCEPT. If the alternative accommodation is not acceptable, please reply with DECLINE and the accommodation will be cancelled.
We will then respond by e-mail, with an attached Invoice in the PDF form, for any accommodation we are provisionally reserving for you.
When you receive the Invoice, please check all details carefully.
If all details on the Invoice are acceptable, please reply to the e-mail with ACCEPT, within 48 hours.
If you decide not to accept the booking, please reply to the e-mail with DECLINE and the accommodation will be cancelled.
Once we receive your reply,we will send an email either confirming or cancelling the booking depending on your reply.
At least 14 days before your clients arrival date you will need to pay the 'TOTAL COST LESS COMMISSION' as shown on the Invoice, using our Secure Payment link.
If payment is not received by this date, we may cancel the booking.
As soon as we receive payment we will send an e-mail with a Receipt and Client Booking Voucher in PDF format.
Cancellation Refunds.
Cancellation refunds for Bookings that have been paid in advance will be shown on your Invoice.
The Rates quoted above, are for a Double or Twin bedded Room, situated in the Hotel Coach House.
All Bedrooms in the Main Hotel.
Room 23 and 25 in the Coach House.
Main Hotel - Garden View Bedrooms.
Room 30, The Chalet Suite.
The above supplements are applied to the first four nights of a stay only.
£10.00. PER NIGHT
Room 28 and 29
These two bedrooms are situated in the Hotel Coach House and overlook the main road.
£20.00. PER NIGHT
Room 22.
A smaller bedroom situated in the Hotel Coach House with shower only.
The above discounts are applied to every night of a stay.
120cm x 190cm (48" x 75")
135cm x 190cm (54" x 75")
150cm x 200cm (60" x 78")
180cm x 200cm (72" x 78")
Twin beds that are zip-linked together
All beds are supplied by ViSpring Luxury Beds. Click on image for further info.
Free Private Car Park.
Free Wifi
Children over 5 years are welcome.
Sorry No Pets.

Stow Lodge Hotel

The Square. Stow-on-the-Wold.

Cheltenham. Gloucestershire. GL54 1AB.


Tel No 01451 830485.

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